/// selected past works ///

dual channel video, DV cam,17min.,1999
Music by Anne Wellmer.

SOUVENIRS ENTOMOLOGIQUES was born out of a collaboration with electronic musician/composer Anne Wellmer.
The idea to join us together came from Nan van Houte, then director of Nes Theatre in Amsterdam. Anne came
in with a book by eminent entomologist Jean Henri Fabre (who also happens to be the father of artist Jan Fabre)
and an archive of insect sounds. I decided to try and translate some of her unique aural universe into a visual one,
loosely guided by the thought of how insects might see the world. But perhaps it was more a question of pulling
out my video-archive and subjugating it to the latest software available to manipulate video-signals.

The work was mainly presented in a performance-context as a dual screen projection, whereby the two screens
were set up in an angle to each other. Through the projection the suggestion was made that one was leafing the
pages of a book. Anne would blend her electronically altered voice into that visual and sonoral environment.

Souvenirs Souvenirs
Souvenirs Souvenirs