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Ici, Maintenant ou jamais

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16mm colour film, 32min. 1990

With Desirée Delauney and Boris Gerrets
Produced by Bilski Algemeen
Director of Photography: Rogier Stoffers
Sound: Peter Warnier
Edited by Menno Boerma
Written by Desirée Delauney, Boris Gerrets and Robert Steijn

Loosely based on the story of Orpheus and Euridice this film was set in the landscape of the antique city of
Pompeii. The story was a heavily romanticised quest of a man and a woman in search of each other. The film was
made to introduce ¬a live performance where the two protagonist would meet in flesh and blood on a bare stage.
The ensuing performance was constructed as an improvised duel where both would challenge one another through
dance and improvised performance acts. I remember it as a grueling experience for everyone, including for the
audience. I also remember that I would invariably lose the challenge.

Performance premiere: Springdance.
Dutch film premiere: Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht
French film premiere: Palais Royal, Paris

Ici, Maintenant ou jamais Ici, Maintenant ou jamais Ici, Maintenant ou jamais