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Detroit, Michigan

St.Petersburg, Russia

Looking for the country in the city

2003 DVCam/Digibeta 52min

Produced by PvHFilm
Director of Photography: Stef Tijdink
Sound: Rik Meier
SoundMix: Wart Wamsteker
Written, directed and edited by Boris Gerrets



The film is a playful investigation into the relationship between the urban and the rural - that is to say: how the communitarian mentality of the village tries to survive and/or resurrect itself within an urban environment through food production. Switching between St.Petersburg, Russia and Detroit, USA, the film shows people in their urban gardens against the background of the breakdown of the great ideologies of the last century: industrial capitalism and communism. Whether it is on a small plot of land, a rooftop, or an empty lot, these urban gardeners grow their own food right in the city.

Modern man's only alternative is to emerge once more into the light and have the courage, not to escape to the moon, but to return to his own human center – and to master the bellicose compulsions and irrationalities he shares with his rulers and mentors. He must not only unlearn the art of war, but acquire and master, as never before, the arts of life. The City in History,Lewis Mumford (1961)






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Filmarchiv Austria, Vienna, Austria

Filmforum NRW, Köln, Germany

Wienstation, Urban Gardening & Pocket Films... Vienna, Austria,

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Pro Arte Institute, in collaboration with the State Museum of History St. Petersburg, Russia

Moscow Architecture Biennial, Zentralny dom chudoschnika (Central House of the Artist) Moscow, Russia

Akademie der Künste, Pariser Platz 4, Berlin, Germany

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) USA

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Utrecht, Netherlands

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