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London Artists Films, Camden Arts Centre, London, UK

Thirty Years Dutch Video Art, The Netherlands Media Art Institute in collaboration with the Russian NICC
Exhibition tour in 7 Art Centres in the Russian Republic: St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Moscow,
Niznii Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk

Moving Heads, Outline Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mindfields, Solo exhibition (Curated by Guy Brett)
Kiasma Museum of Modern Art, Helsinki, Finland

The Second, time-based art from The Netherlands
Int'l travelling exhibition of Dutch Media Art, Organised by Montevideo, The Netherlands Media Art Institute
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (1997), Museo del Chopo, Mexico City, (1998), Taipei Fine Arts Museum (1998), Ludwig Museum, Budapest (1999), National Gallery, Prague (2000)

Arts Électroniques, Université Rennes II, Rennes, France
Centre d'Art Contemporain, Caen, France
Impact Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands
European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany
Videopositive, Tate Gallery Liverpool, UK

Variations sur Soupir
A solo dance by Désirée Delauney
Soundscape, scenography and video by Boris Gerrets

As a child, Désirée Delauney saw the great Yvette Chauviré dance the iconic Dying Swan on TV. The experience had inspired her to take up a career as a dancer. In this farewell solo she takes her recollections of the ballet as a canvas upon which to create a new piece based on her own unique and carefully developed movement vocabulary.
5 short video pieces by Boris Gerrets mark the different sections of the performance.

Dance solo by Désirée Delauney
Soundscape, scenography and video by Boris Gerrets

Zero is the story of a body emanating from darkness into light, a body that seeks balance between growth and decay amidst the turmoil of the elements. The stage is surrounded by video screens featuring a turning landscape filmed by Boris Gerrets.

Je, au Pluriel
Dance piece by Désirée Delauney
Scenography and soundscape by Boris Gerrets

Set to the music of Bach 'Je, au Pluriel' attempts to investigate the extremes of being an artist by magnifying the artist's self image. With arcane imagery such as the white Pierrot - the intangible rope-dancer and actress Anat Geiger in the role of the Jester Delauney - evokes the world of the circus.

Dance piece by Désirée Delauney with Marcello Evelin
Scenography and Soundscape by Boris Gerrets

Corps/êtranger is Delauney's second piece based on the idea of a duel, this time in the form of a duet with the Brazillian dancer Marcello Evelin. Based on the biblical story of Judith and Holofernes, the piece portrays the drive to power clashing with religious fanaticism as a drama of erotic tension.

A Tous Ceux Qui Tombent
Dance, text and multi-media performance featuring Désirée Delauney and Boris Gerrets

Commissioned by: Triple X Festival Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A Tous Ceux Qui Tombent is a title borrowed from a play by Samuel Beckett. It is the second time Gerrets' and Delauney's situate their piece among the ruins of a city. But while the first dealt with the 'arcadic' landscape of ancient Pompei, this piece was set in post-war Beirut, trying to convey the intense visceral sensation of the violence of war.

A dance-solo by Désirée Delauney
Scenography by Boris Gerrets

You know, feelings are your daily Alcohol…
Alcool was influenced by the loss of the dancer's father. Centered on the pulsations of the heart the dance evolved from the need to physically understand the mechanism of life. Accentuating the fragility of Delauney's naked body was Boris Gerrets' large brass floor that through its reflective characteristic bathed the space in a golden light.

Het Hoofd van Holofernus / Het Hart van Holofernus, twin installation
Festival a.d. Werf De Utrechtse School, Utrecht and Landgoed Oud Amelisweerd

This exhibition was part of an artist-in-residency at:
Landgoed Oud Amelisweerd, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Juditha Triumphans
Oratorio by Antonio Vivaldi
Directed by Ernst Boreel
Set design for a theatrical by Boris Gerrets


Turner by Kain
Directed by Boris Gerrets

Third Eye Centre, Glasgow
ACT Theatre Seattle, USA
Living theatre, NYC

Turner by Kain is an autobiographical monologue by the poet Gylan Kain through stream of consciousness writing; memories, confessions, sermons, anecdotes, interwoven to create a texture which flows over an undercurrent of uncensored emotions, spiritual longing and ecstasy.

Sponsors: Scottish Arts Council, Glasgow District Council

Areas of Consciousness, Installation
Kunstzaal Het Recept, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ici, Maintenant ou Jamais
A dance piece by Désirée Delauney and Boris Gerrets in collaboration with dramaturg Robert Steijn

Springdance Utrecht
Touring theaters in the Netherlands
Third Eye Centre, Glasgow
Tanzwerkstatt, Düsseldorf

Ici, Maintenant ou Jamais, was constructed as a duel between a dancer, Désirée Delauney and a visual artist, Boris Gerrets. The rules of the duel meant that the outcome was different every night. However, the core of the performance remained unchanged: a 30 min film shot in Pompeii. After the screening, under the brightness of the stage lights, the stage was set for a rigorous theatrical exercise unmasking the poetic elusiveness of the film.

Imago: Fin de Siècle in Dutch Contemporary Art, a traveling exhibition funded by Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst

KunstRai, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1990)
Locarno XI Video Art Festival de Locarno, Lago Maggiore, Italy (1990)
Gunma Hara Museum ARC, GUNMA, JAPAN (1991)
Bratislava Kulturni Dom, Bratislava, Slovakia (1991)
Mucsarnok Palace of Exhibitions, Budapest, HUNGARY (1991)
Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona, Spain (1991)
Edificio da Alfadengra do Porto, In oporto, Portugal, (1992)
World Expo '92, Seville, Spain (1992)
Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, (1993)

Channel Zero, or the Fragile Aureole of Mister E.N.D
Solo exhibition

Montevideo/Time Based Ars & Gallerie René Coelho, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Twilight Club, 6 songs of pleasure and pain,dance and multi-media performance
Part I of trilogy
Private and Public Acts by Cloud Chamber

Springdance, Festival Utrecht
Eurodance, Mulhouse
Fundacáo Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon
Toured theaters in the Netherlands

There 's always people, sitting on the stairs leading to the Twilight Club, hanging around the door, sometimes begging, begging for money, begging to get in. Most have never been inside, others have been asked to leave and when they left they did not know where to go. Once in your life you will walk down that miserable street and get to that crossroad, see the door and the light behind, you'll hear the music hear the voices like sirens and you know this is the place they call the Twilight Club.

Circumstantial Evidence, Le Volcan est Toujours Hors-Champ, Pompeii
The Cloud Chamber Private and Public Acts project

Presented at:
Aorta, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hollandsche Manege, Summer Festival, Amsterdam , Netherlands
dokumenta 8, Kassel, Germany

Cloud Chamber is a collaboration between Boris Gerrets (visual artist, dancer), Désirée Delauney (choreographer, dancer), Ron Bunzl (choreographer, dancer) and José Luis Greco (composer). Their theatrical series Private and Public Acts is a site specific performance project first performed in an Amsterdam squat. Each consecutive stage is a further development of the original material involving alternative spaces, dance, simultaneous theatre, live music, radio play and video animation. At the core of the project is the transformation of particular urban spaces into a temporary hotel, with private and public areas. Here, the condition of freedom from personal history prevails, allowing the characters to play out roles as expressions of personal and collective fantasies.

Le Musée du Grand Midi
Installation, painting and performance by Boris Gerrets with Désirée Delauney, Jose Luis Greco (piano improvisation) and guest performer poet Gylan Kain

Part of the group show: As Far As Amsterdam Goes
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The performance was also presented at Negerhalle, Munich, Germany

Boris Gerrets 365 paintings of the 'Grand Midi' form the background of the performance at the Stedelijk Museum's 'erezaal'.

Drift Expeditions
dance performance with Cloud Chamber

Performed in the following venues:
Bellevue theatre, Amsterdam,
Tanzwerkstatt, Düsseldorf
Touring various theatres in the Netherlands

Drift Expeditions, conceived Ron Bunzl, is the first dance piece by the Cloud Chamber collaborative. The idea of exploration of unknown land – from Roman historian Plinius the elder, to the heroic, but failed arctic expedition of Captain Scott – was its thematic point of departure. Through improvised dance and text the performers generate a dense texture of simultaneous actions around Boris Gerrets attempt to create a mechanic perpetuum mobile.

Les Pièces Universelles
Dance duet with Boris Gerrets and Désirée Delauney
Music of composer Dan Marmorstein
Frits Heimans on Saxophone

Performed in the following venues:
Perfotijd Rotterdam, the Netherlands
SHP Festival Bracknell, UK
Touring theaters in the Netherlands

Les Pièces Universelles is an ontological ballet that takes dance's oldest roots as inspirational source: the motion of planets. It consists of four episodes that are constructed as allegories and develops through the idea of opposing forces.

Le Grand Journal, Solo dance performance
Industrial sounds, colour drawing on paper 1x1.20 cm

First performance at Aorta, Amsterdam
Perfotijd, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Touring theaters and artist spaces in the Netherlands and UK
SHP Festival Bracknell, UK

Le Grand Journal is a 28 min solo performance featuring 17 large colour drawings on paper. Every drawing is contextualized by the performer through a fast paced dance, where after he destroys the drawing. The limited time available to see each drawing introduces a sense of urgency and uniqueness into the process of viewing and plays tricks on the memory of the spectator.

Solo exhibition of objects and paintings
Gallery VAN, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Messaline, L'Amour Fou
Solo exhibition of Paintings and Performance
Gallery VAN, Haarlem, Netherlands

Four large collages on paper 2 x 3m executed during a one week enclosure at the gallery space, during which the artist's only nourishment were 21 oranges and 2 bottles of Whisky.

Escapism, Solo exhibition of objects and paintings
Gallerie 't Venster, Rotterdam, Netherlands