/// artist statement ///

Invisible Pompeii Le Grand Journal
Invisible, short film, 1995, 17 min Pompei, animation video, 1987, 9 min Le Grand Journal, performance, 1983, 30 min

Art is not something to believe in. Art is not religion, least of all a religion. But it is a way of being in the world, expressing our common humanity with all our desires, inadequacies, foolishness, compassion, curiosity, our yearning, our struggles, our anger and our pain. Art is what connects us through history and across cultures by way of an endless string of ideas and feelings. I don't see my art as an expression of my individuality, but it does spring from the specific experience that has made me who I am. That experience creates a tension between my sense of self and the larger world around me, visible or invisible, natural or man-made. I use that tension. It is often unpredictable where it leads me. I don't even know whether over time there is any common ground in my work, or whether that ground is constantly shifting. It's not important. What is important is that my work should be an attempt to create a space of encounter, a space that can channel the energies generated by my encounter with the world as it presents itself to me.